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It’s Time to Install Beautiful and Efficient Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lighting!


Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lighting


On those dark and icy December days, the twinkle and glow of Christmas lights are a symbol of hope and peace. The tradition of lighting for Christmas began centuries ago. The first recorded instance is of a German Yule Log in 1184. Candles followed, with the beginning of decorating the Christmas tree with lights. Sometimes the candles and the dry tree branches created a dangerous situation – which was resolved when Edison himself created the first string of incandescent Christmas lights in 1880. For many years only the wealthy could afford to decorate with them, but by the 1930s, mass marketing had made decorating with colourful lights available to many North Americans.


Today, the concept of Christmas lighting is undergoing yet another revolution: permanent outdoor strip lights with smart control are making it simpler than ever to make a beautiful display of your Christmas spirit.


Decorate Easily and Safely


While the introduction of strings of incandescent bulbs greatly reduced the dangers of fire from candles, decorating with electric lights has not been without peril. It’s a documented fact dozens of Canadians suffer injuries each year from falling off ladders while putting up or taking down holiday decorations. While most of these injuries are minor, some are serious and a handful fatal. Great height, shaky extension ladders, icy weather conditions, and cold make for dangerous situations. Leaving lights up year-round isn’t a solution, either, as they look tacky during other seasons, and often require bulb changes when Christmas rolls around – necessitating a climb up the ladder anyway. However, the installation of permanent Christmas LED strip lighting makes holiday decorating completely safe and easy.


Time to Opt for LED


Here are some of the ways LED lighting is better than conventional incandescent bulbs:


·       Long-lasting and durable. If professionals install quality LED products, the lights will last a very long time. Better products come with a five-year warranty, but will last much longer. The average life of an LED strip that’s used six to eight hours a day is greater than twenty years! And should a strip need replacing, a simple service call will take care of it quickly. Make sure the lighting you choose is weather-proof for the Canadian climate.

·       Cost-effective. It’s estimated that LED lights are 80% - 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. They also operate on a lower voltage, yet produce brilliant light and vivid colour.

·       Environmentally-friendly. LEDs are non-toxic and recyclable. It’s been shown that switching to LED lights can help you to reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third. Because they are so long-lasting, one LED light bulb can save the production of twenty-five incandescent light bulbs.

·       So much simpler. No more stapling lights with frozen fingers on top of a wobbly extension ladder! No more untangling strings of lights while perching on slippery shingles! No more blowing fuses or searching for longer power cords. More importantly, no more hassle! When you’re ready to decorate for Christmas next year, simply pull out your smartphone and touch a colour and a pattern on a special app. Use the time you’ve saved to put on an ugly Christmas sweater and sing carols with the neighbours, or to relax by the tree.


Contact an LED lighting company, experienced in installing permanent outdoor Christmas lighting today!